What is inclusive tourism-in theory?

Inclusive tourism is creation of the supportive / qualified environment that should meet the needs of all persons, regardless of their abilities, or disablities, have temporary or other disabilities (motor, auditory, visual or intellectual), as well as families traveling with their children , Or elderly people, especially in light of the aging population around the world (in 2050, older persons over the age of 60 will account for 22 percent of the world's population - about a quarter of the world's population)


Although the tourism sector occupies a leading position in the country, the means and mechanisms of inclusion are still lacking. As a result, persons with disabilities, or even older persons, can not benefit from this sector, whether they are tourists, employers or even workers. The lack of inclusion and flexibility in the tourism sector is reflected in:

About the project

As a result, this project, the first of its kind in Lebanon, aims at enhancing the role of the tourism sector as an important asset for socio-economic development, with a view to adopting a methodology for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Lebanon.

Sustainable tourism for development

Among the responsible authorities with a vision to develop policies and legislation aimed at adopting a culture of inclusion and providing whatever necessary to create leading tourism models in the field of inclusive tourism in the various areas targeted by the project.

Benefits of hiring persons with disabilities

To maintain an inclusive touristic environment by empowering women and men, as well as young people, as active partners in the socio-economic development of the country, and providing technical support to private sector owners and local institutions in civil society

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Target Areas

The project will work with the four regions (Baalbeck, Tyre, Jbeil, and Shouf Biosphere Reserve) to modify the infrastructure and cultural activities, if these facilities are within the tourism or cultural program of each area. These facilities may include a comprehensive system of transport, sidewalks and roads, shops in the old market…